With your booking you offer us a service contract based on the stated services and prices. The booking must be done in writing (by fax or E-mail is also possible). The contract is valid when you receive our confirmation. The booking person is also responsible for all other persons mentioned in the confirmation.

Number of participants
For our planning we need the exact number fo participants until the date mentioned in the confirmation. Modifications have to made in written form by fax or e-mail.

All services, prices, dates and other points written in the confirmation are binding.

We charge a flat rate for catering in the partytram or partybus. In this way we make sure that we have enough drinks on board. The drinks are limited for the duration of the event and cannot be taken out of the bus and tram after the event is over. The price for catering is charged in steps of 5 persons. Minimum price for catering is for 30 persons.

For cancellations up to 14 days before the tour we charge a booking fee of 25% of the total amount. For cancellations up to 7 days before the date 50 % of the agreed amount will be charged. If you cancel the contract at short notice – 7 days before the date or less – or if the group does not show up you have to pay the full amount.

Technical problems (delay)
We take care as best as we can, that your event will take place without obstructions. Unfortunately we as tour operators are not safe from problems caused by technical failure, breakdown or traffic (power failure, traffic crash etc.) If an event can’t take place because of force majeure, dangerous road conditons, exceptional traffic situations or other technical and/or traffic problems, we are allowed to cancel the contract before or during the event. If the event could not take place because of one of the reasons mentioned above, the customer gets back the booking fee or deposit.

The customer takes part in all our tours (by tram, carriage, double-decker bus and the Bavarian Olympic Games) at his own risk. We as tour operator have the right to exclude customers if they act through gross negligence. We are responsible for the customer after legal terms, if the customer claims damages, which are caused by Spurwechsel employees or repesentatives on purpose and by gross negligence. If the contract is not violated on purpose, the liability for the claimed damage is limited to the typical occuring damage. The liability of culpable injury of life, body and health stays nevertheless untouched. Spurwechsel is not responsible for damages caused by the customer himself or by the customer towards third parties.

You will receive a down payment upon confirmation and the final invoice after the tour. Payment by credit card is not possible.

Legal Venue
The agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with German law. Place of performance is Munich, Germany. The courts of Munich, Germany shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Different Terms & Conditions apply for Log Rafting Tours, Bike Rental and Transport of Bikes.